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Spiritual Aim

The pursuit of a deeper comprehension and connection with the world or oneself is known as Spiritual Aim. It goes beyond material things and focuses on mental peace, understanding, and kindness. Meditation, prayer, and acts of kindness are common parts of this path. The goal is not only to improve oneself, but also to make the world a better place. It’s a road that everyone can follow to live a more fulfilling life. It crosses cultural and religious lines to promote unity and harmony.


Jayri, founded by the visionary Mrs. Rimpy Jindal, is making waves in the fashion realm with its commitment to quality wear at affordable prices. Established online in 2020, Jayri seamlessly integrates over 50 years of offline distribution expertise. Beyond its stylish creations, the brand’s manufacturing ethos is underscored by a dedicated workforce of over  100 talented female employees. Mrs. Jindal’s vision, reflected in every garment, ensures Jayri stands as a beacon of accessible fashion, bridging tradition and modernity. As the brand continues to grow, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide high-quality clothing that speaks to both style and affordability.

3.Vats Creations

“VC संघ निर्माण,recently hosted an exclusive network mapping gathering in Patna on December 15, 2023, at the Co-Working Studio. The event saw the participation of 30+ esteemed Brand Owners, including prominent figures like Nitin Chandra (Bejod), Neehar (BiharSay), Rohit (BreakOut), Ritika (Vedcraft), Social Influencer Ranu, Amit(Bihar Explorer), along with Renowned Senior Advisors Mr Uday Narayan and Mr Ajit Kumar.

Neha Vatsala, Founder of Vats Creations, and the curator of the event, highlighted the crucial role of branding and networking in achieving success.

The event showcased compelling brand stories from Ankur, Shivam, Vineet, Shilpa, Saiema, Aakanksha, Alok, Antesh, Rahul, Harsh, Prakhyat, and Sinny, offering a diverse range of insights. The highlight was the launch of the global platform BNM. visit www.vatscreations.in for more details.


Mytechant is a Popular Education & Technology blog, In this blog we cover Computers, Courses, Education, Finance, laptops, Sports, and technology information, Mytechant ensures we provide legit information for our readers, and aware of new technology.


InfluencersPro, a leading PR agency, and comprehensive digital platform, is revolutionizing the digital landscape. Our platform is an invaluable resource hub, offering meticulously researched information across various crucial subjects in today’s digital realm. From digital marketing strategies to insights on entrepreneurship, we provide expert guidance and tips to empower our readers.

At InfluencersPro, we aim to educate and equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving online sphere. Our informative articles and comprehensive guides stand as pillars to support professionals seeking success in this dynamic environment.

Distinguished by our commitment to fostering a community of informed professionals, InfluencersPro stands out as a go-to destination for navigating the complexities of digital marketing, content creation, and the entrepreneurial world. Our focus remains on delivering invaluable content and empowering individuals with practical insights.

As a premier PR agency, InfluencersPro boasts the best rates in the market, unmatched by any competitor. We take pride in being the official partners of Daily Hunt and Google News, further solidifying our commitment to excellence and credibility in the industry.


ChatBoat is the official WhatsApp API provider that’s making waves! We’ve got 2000+ clients cruising with us, experiencing top-notch service and innovation. Over 50 government projects and clients have entrusted us to navigate their WhatsApp journey, making us a heavyweight.

ChatBoat isn’t just a platform; it’s a game-changer for businesses seeking unparalleled customer engagement. Our focus? Delivering a seamless, dynamic experience through cutting-edge technology and personalized interactions. We’re all about transforming how businesses connect with their audience on WhatsApp, fostering smoother conversations, and elevating customer satisfaction levels.

As a Technical Service Provider (TSP) partnered with Meta, we leverage this collaboration to enhance our services further. This collaboration opens doors to a world of resources, allowing us to continue innovating and offering groundbreaking solutions.

With ChatBoat, it’s not just about communication; it’s about creating meaningful connections that drive success. Join us aboard for a revolutionary WhatsApp experience that redefines customer engagement!


Meet Aravind Kumar Pamu, an accomplished Marketing Specialist with an MBA who holds the prestigious positions of CEO and Managing Director in V R HOME CONSTRUCTORS from Construction industry

Aravind excels in boosting business growth, attracting new clients, developing sales projections for all of India, and mastering revenue forecasting. What truly sets him apart in this competitive landscape is his unwavering dedication to quality, creativity, reliability, and delivering exceptional customer service in Construction industry . As an influential figure, he boldly tackles any challenge, values diverse opinions, and fosters team growth. Aravind’s impact spans nationally, characterized by his compassionate leadership, innovative prowess, and a pioneering spirit that continues to drive remarkable innovation and shape the Construction industry.

8.Shri Durga Business Group

Shri Durga Business Group was officially founded in 2009 by Shri Baburao Annarao Patil and his son, Dhananjay Patil. Shubham Dhananjay Patil, an MBA graduate, now leads their family business. His office is at Durga Heights, 4th Floor, Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, Latur. Within Shri Durga Business Group, he manages various ventures, including Shri Durga Lodge and Restaurant, Shri Durga Hotel and Bar, Shri Durga Farm, and Agricultural Villa, and Shri Durga Heights 1 and 2 (Apartment). Soon, he will launch the Shri Durga Food Plaza and Shri Durga Heights 3 in Latur.

Recently, they made a logo for Shri Durga Business Group by brand identity designer Niket Patil. The designer aims to make this logo represent the Transforming Latur City Horizon.

9.Workshop on Customs Clearance & EDI filling

Foreign Trade Academy Delhi has organised workshop Customs EDI filling & Compliances. The Main Coordinator of  program & Trainer is Mr Ajay Pathak.

Participant from all over india comes to join this workshop, Workshop cover practical Shipping bill, Bill of entry filling, CCR compliances , PGA, Customs Tariff etc. FTA organise different workshop to empower exim professionals time to time.

10.Mr.Shubham Patel IT engineer

Shubham Patel, an IT engineer, shares insights into securely integrating desktops and laptops into a company’s network. Begin by fortifying physical security, utilising cable locks for laptops in shared spaces. Prioritize robust authentication measures, employing complex passwords or multi-factor authentication. Keep operating systems updated and arm devices with reputable antivirus software and firewalls. Encryption safeguards sensitive data, while regular backups thwart potential losses. Foster a culture of security through user education and restrict privileges to essential levels. Implement monitoring tools and maintain a resilient incident response plan. Shubham advocates a holistic approach, ensuring network integrity amidst the evolving cybersecurity landscape.



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